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The Grey Matter Software Asset Management (SAM) services are offered in conjunction with the industry-leading Snow platform.

Grey Matter is a Microsoft Silver Software Asset Management Partner, and the Grey Matter SAM Service team hold a range of Microsoft Licensing Sales Expert certifications in Volume Licensing and Software Asset Management.

Snow License Manager monitors software from purchase to decommission and then combines this information with your agreements, ownership and entitlements to provide you with a clear and on-going picture of your software portfolio. This allows you to make informed decisions, and take timely action, based on selected analysed areas of usage, or against alerts from pre-set levels of usage.

For organisations that want the benefits of SAM, including cost reductions and minimised compliance risks, but who don’t have the
bandwidth or specialist skills on staff to manage a fully-fledged SAM program, we are here to help.

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Software Recognition Made Easy

The Software Recognition Service starts the moment audit data is imported from the inventory solution into Snow License Manager.

  • All program files are matched against our software recognition engine, which covers more than 43,600 software publishers and over 296,000 applications out-of-the-box and 300,000 SKUs. The software recognition engine is updated dynamically on a daily basis.
  • Automatic hits are immediately shown in the asset repository of Snow License Manager - showing the accurate vendor name, product name, version and edition.
  • Applications installed as part of a suite or commercial bundle are automatically grouped to aid licence management.
  • Any unrecognised files are automatically uploaded to the Software Recognition Service team for processing.
  • Processed files are added to the global recognition database and will appear in Snow License Manager (for ALL customers).

Snow License Manager

The central information hub of Snow’s advanced SAM platform, providing a unified view of all software and hardware assets, licence entitlements and application usage metrics.

  • Full integration with existing business processes and systems: Snow License Manager offers an open SDK, fully automated and compatible with any existing business system, service desk and system management tools.
  • Manage your business-critical datacentre: Snow License Manager enables users to manage their datacentre and cluster configurations, while also attaching servers and applications to the datacentre/cluster (DCC) registrations.
  • Optimise your Oracle investments: Snow Oracle Management Option (OMO) enables Oracle administrators and licence owners to easily track, manage and optimise the configuration of Oracle databases. With the ability to create on-demand Oracle Server Worksheets, administrators can avoid compliance risks, unnecessary costs and save time.
  • Virtualisation Control: Snow License Manager supports Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX and Citrix XenServer. Snow's Virtualization Management Option (VMO) is designed to not only discover the presence of virtual and physical assets, but understand the configuration and relationship between these devices.
Snow License Manager

SAM Licence Review

Upon installation of the inventory agents into the customer's PC and server estate, our consultants will then provide a detailed analysis of the deployed software applications and associated licence entitlement to identify potential cost savings.

The SAM Licence Review can provide an ROI calculation to identify savings, highlight risks, and act on operational inefficiencies by locating any surplus licences or redundant software for re-use.

We provide a clear baseline and overview of your software estate from which to build a solid on-going SAM solution.

By getting vendor certification of usage, we can prevent enforced audits and subsequent unplanned expenditure.


  • Effective Licensing Position (ELP) established for Microsoft and any additional customer-specified vendors.
  • Report detailing potential savings and how to realise them.
  • SAM Assessment identifying existing level of SAM maturity, together with recommendations and associated action plan for implementing enhanced processes, systems and working practices.
  • Comparison and analysis of entitlements against actual software deployed to highlight areas of under- and over-licensing. This will take into account upgrade and downgrade rights along with vendor, product and version.
  • Licensing strategy developed, ensuring software is purchased in the most cost effective way.
  • Hardware and software baseline to assist strategy development and technology assessment/planning.
  • A complete analysis of the software installed across your network, locally and globally.
  • Business justification for deploying a formal SAM system.

Microsoft SAM audit Defence

Audit Defence

A baselining activity to help you recognise the software you own along with where your software has been installed. The process will also determine where your software can be best used and facilitate planning for future technology investments.

SAM Licence Review

• A full inventory of your deployed Microsoft software to establish your ELP.

• Covering standard, hosted and cloud based software usage.

Deliverables: A final report providing key insights to identify opportunities for improved management together with the identification of over-licensed and under-licensed software.

SAM Assessment

• A one-day process review based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1 International Standard.

• Identifies where you could benefit from optimisation.

Deliverables: A report providing a high-level overview of the engagement and findings with a business case to initiate improvements to SAM.

SAM Tool Planning

• An engagement that provides help on process design, business case analysis, adoption planning and deployment of a SAM tool.

Deliverables: A Proof of Concept (PoC) for either System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAPs) tool kit.

The SAM Service from Grey Matter

Our goal is to help you to understand and reduce your software licencing costs while managing the on-going financial and compliance risks of everyday IT operation and business change.

By using Grey Matter, you can confidently control your software licensing, enabling you to focus on your other business requirements. Our specialisation in complex datacentre and core business application environments focuses on key vendors - such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware, IBM and EMC, as well as the lesser known publishers - means that you receive a complete service.