Oracle MySQL Showcase

MySQL Standard and Enterprise Editions build on the powerful functionality of the open source MySQL Community Edition with comprehensive support and a range of management tools. Both the Standard and Enterprise editions include the MySQL database server, MySQL connectors, MySQL Workbench SE and more. The Enterprise edition adds support for MySQL Partitioning and includes MySQL Enterprise Monitor for powerful database monitoring and MySQL Enterprise Backup for database backup.

In regards to support - both editions include 24x7 Oracle Premier Support which enables you to submit unlimited support incidents and receive all maintenance releases, bug fixes, upgrades etc.

MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a unified visual development and administration platform that includes advanced tools for database modeling and design, query development and testing, server configuration and monitoring, user and security administration backup and recovery automation, audit data inspection, and wizard-driven database migrations.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Query Analyzer enable you to improve the performance and availability of your MySQL instances, the applications that use them, and the supporting infrastructure. The MySQL Enterprise monitor continuously monitors MySQL queries and performance related server metrics and alerts developers and DBAs on significant deviations from the baseline performance trends. Best practice Advisors recommend changes to configuration and variable settings to improve performance. Harnessing the power of trend analysis, MySQL Enterprise Monitor can alert you to problems before they become critical and accurately predict future capacity requirements.

MySQL Enterprise Backup

MySQL Enterprise Backup performs online, non-blocking backups of your MySQL databases. Perform full, incremental and partial backups for all InnoDB data while MySQL is fully available for transactional operations. All backup operations are executed in parallel for quick results and also support compression options that reduce the size of backup images by 90%. Recovery options include backward compatible full recovery, precise one-click, point-in-time recovery and partial recovery for restoring a specific set of objects.

MySQL Enterprise Scalability

MySQL Enterprise Scalability enables you to meet the sustained performance and scalability requirements of ever increasing user, query and data loads. MySQL Thread Pool provides an efficient thread-handling model, designed to reduce overhead in managing client connections and statement execution threads.

MySQL Enterprise Security

MySQL Enterprise Security provides ready to use external authentication modules to easily integrate with existing security infrastructures including Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) and Windows Active Directory. MySQL Enterprise Security enables organisations to implement a Single Sign On mechanism and leverage existing security rules and process from centralised directories.

MySQL Enterprise Audit

MySQL Enterprise Audit enables you to quickly and seamlessly add policy-based auditing compliance to existing applications. You can dynamically enable user level activity logging, implement activity-based policies, manage audit log files and integrate MySQL auditing with Oracle and third-party solutions.