Microsoft Office 365 Showcase
Office 365 Migration

The aim of our Office 365 Migration Service is to provide you with a seamless (and painless) migration, where your organisation can gain from the full potential of Office 365.

We understand that migration projects require time, planning, management and technical expertise. And we understand that you may have concerns about downtime and IT complications. We treat each migration on a case-by-case basis. We manage all the details of a move, from start to finish and we work closely with you to devise a phased approach to minimise risk, and manage expectations.

We provide:

  • A detailed analysis and staged migration plan
  • Training for each Microsoft application
  • A dedicated service desk team that understands your business

How we do it:

  • Migration Planner: fast server assessments, mailbox discovery, and manageable staging groups
  • Migration Sync: exchange configuration, licensing provision, and server synchronisation
  • Migration Manager: alert and exception handling, migration tracker, and detailed reporting
  • Outlook Assistant: Office 365 profile setup, automated patch deployment, and desktop readiness

You will gain:

  • A standardised and aligned platform
  • Licence compliancy (and often, a significant reduction in licensing costs)
  • A connected workforce
  • Secure company data
  • Cost savings: no need to upgrade to another version
Office 365 Backup

We will work with your business to securely install a business level backup solution to keep your data safe and available at all times (99.7% uptime).

Our Grey Matter Office 365 Backup Service provides you with a backup solution for each mailbox, ensuring you can instantly find, and rapidly restore lost data. We call this function our "one-click restore". Whether you lose a single file, a folder, or an entire mailbox, lost data is restored to where it was, as it was.

Over 60% of data loss is due to users accidentally deleting information.
Our one-click restore backup solution secures your business data, with a 99.7% uptime.

Our Cloud Solutions Team can help you make the most of your Office 365 investment. For more information on Office 365 or to discuss the options of moving your business to the cloud, call +44 (01364)655196, email: or Live Chat now.