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MPSA Licensing

MPSA Licensing is a simplified agreement which offers more flexibility and streamlined self-service tools. It consolidates purchasing of Cloud Services, software and Microsoft Software Assurance. A new purchasing account structure gives you more flexible options with price protection. MPSA Licensing is for organisations that generally have 250+ PCs but customers with a significant Server software requirement or those who plan to use a larger range of desktop applications may well benefit from the scheme. The scheme is based on an initial minimum purchase OR you may qualify based on the previous year's purchase level or your current Select Plus status if you are switching schemes (Select Plus Licensing was retired on 1 July 2016).

Software Assurance gives a number of benefits, particularly the entitlement to new versions that are released while the scheme is active. Software Assurance benefits run for a full 36 months from the purchase date, and may then be renewed if appropriate.

MPSA is a global agreement. Subsidiaries (over 50% owned) and divisions across the world can link into the scheme to get potential enhanced pricing benefits, and yet can retain a degree of autonomy in the purchase of software and the acquisition of media locally.

MPSA Licences are managed by the customer through an online licensing site called the MVLC (Microsoft Volume Licensing Center). MVLC is a secure website that offers electronic access to purchase history, order confirmations, and other helpful resources that help you manage your licences. Most product media is downloadable and volume keys are also available through that site. (Special rules apply for a few products.)

Volume Licence products (all volume schemes) have the advantage that the product licence includes ‘downgrade rights’ giving the user permission to install a previous version instead of that specifically identified on the licence. In due course the user can revert to that covered by the licence at no additional cost. Volume Licences also include rights for applications to be installed on a server for use in a Remote Desktop Server environment.

Bona-fide Academic Institutions (including Registered Charities) may purchase specially-priced options under this scheme.

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MPSA Software Assurance runs in line with the agreement, and at the end of that period (if renewal is required), may be pro-rated to tie in with the scheme years of the scheme on which it is being renewed. For more details on this scheme and its benefits, please read the Software Assurance PDF

Pricing: For all purchasing accounts registered through an MPSA for commercial organisations, four price levels are available. The points for each price level are listed below:

  • Level A: 500 points
  • Level B: 4000 points
  • Level C: 10000 points
  • Level D: 25000 plus points

Microsoft categorises products into three distinct pools with tiered price levels: applications, systems and servers. The price level for each pool is based on points that you earn against purchases in these pools. Points are counted cumulatively across your purchasing accounts of the same type e.g., commercial.

  • Applications: examples of application products include Office Professional Plus, Lync Client and Office 365
  • Systems: an example of a system product is Windows operating system upgrade such as Windows professional
  • Servers: examples of server products include Exchange Server, SQL, Intune and CALs

You will attain the next level price for a pool as soon as your organisation meets the corresponding annual minimum point count. The order that qualifies for the next discount threshold receives the discount associated with that next level. Price levels for each product pool are reviewed at the end of each year in the agreement compliance anniversary month which is established using the month your MPSA is activated. Any points earned in a given year that are in excess of the current price level but below the next price level will be carried over to the next year to be counted toward that year’s compliance. If your purchase falls below the annual minimum point count in a product pool during any given year, your organisation’s price level is lowered one level for that pool the following year and no points will be carried over to the next year.

Agreement Term: The scheme is perpetual, so even if in any one year you don't qualify, in a subsequent year (if you meet the minimum entry requirements) you can step back into the scheme without having to sign new agreement forms.

Payment Options: Up-front payment is required but Annual payments for Licence and Software Assurance, and Software Assurance only may be permitted.

For more licensing information and to discuss your requirements, please call us on
+44 (0)1364 655134, email: or Live Chat.

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