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Enterprise Agreement & Enterprise Subscription Agreement

The Enterprise Agreement is a Global Agreement and is the premier option for companies with 500+ desktops who want to implement a standard set of key ‘qualifying’ products enterprise-wide, creating a common platform for simplified support and management. The scheme offers substantial cost savings over standard licence pricing, as well as simplified licence and budget tracking through a single agreement. The Enterprise Agreement includes Software Assurance as standard.

The Agreement has a three year term and for all products taken with the initial order the pricing remains consistent for the duration of the scheme, giving you the ability to plan and budget for software purchases over the three years. Payment for these initial products is annualised over the three years. You are then responsible each year for reporting the then current number of desktops in your organisation, for which you will be billed. At the end of the three years each enrollment under the agreement may be extended for a one-year or three-year renewal term.

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Enterprise Enrollment

The Enterprise Enrollment allows customers to standardise broadly on the latest versions of Office, Windows, and/or Client Access License Suites (CAL). In turn for making an enterprise-wide commitment, the customer will have access to a wide range of benefits and pricing. The Enterprise Enrollment also allows the choice of deploying Cloud Services, On-Premise Software, or a mix of both across the organisation.

Customers may license the Enterprise Enrollment per-device, or they may license for the Enterprise Cloud Suite, which is offered per-user (licensed with User Subscription Licenses) or as an add-on to the Enterprise Platform. Both options must be taken enterprise-wide.

The Enterprise Enrollment is made up of the following core components:
Windows Enterprise Upgrade
Office Professional Plus
Core/Enterprise Client Access Licence Suite comprised of:

Core CAL Suite:

  • Windows Server CAL
  • SharePoint Server Standard CAL
  • Exchange Server Standard CAL
  • Skype for Business Standard CAL
  • System Center Configuration Manager Client-Management Licence
  • System Center Endpoint Protection

Enterprise CAL Suite (includes all of the Core suite):

  • Windows Server Active Directory Rights Management Services CAL
  • SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL
  • Exchange Server Enterprise CAL with Services (Data Loss Prevention and Exchange Online Protection)
  • Exchange Online with Archiving for Exchange
  • Skype for Business Enterprise CAL
  • System Center Client Management Suite: Service Manager, Operations Manager, Data Protection Manager and Orchestrator

Note: All Windows OS licences are offered as ‘upgrades’ and so you will need a qualifying base licence for each machine, in order to be eligible.

The Enterprise Cloud Suite is made up of the following core components:
Windows Software Assurance Per-User
Office 365 Enterprise E3
Enterprise Mobility Suite
comprised of:

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Rights Management
  • Azure Active Directory Premium

Note: Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP) and Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) have now become part of the Server Cloud Enrollment (SCE).

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Server and Cloud Enrollment

The Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) enables customers to standardise broadly on one or more key Server and Cloud technologies from Microsoft. In exchange for making an installed-base commitment to one or more components of the enrollment, customers can take advantage of a wide range of benefits and pricing.

The Server and Cloud Enrollment consists of the following four components:

Core Infrastructure

All licensed Windows Server deployments must be covered with Windows Server and System Center.

Application Platform

Must commit to one of the below products with software assurance; products and quantities are minimums but all instances must be covered:

  • SQL Server: 50 SQL server per core or 5 SQL Server with 250 CALs
  • Biztalk: 24 cores of any edition
  • Sharepoint Server: 5 Sharepoint Servers

Developer Platform

Must purchase at least 20 licences of a combination of Visual Studio Enterprise and MSDN Platforms.

Microsoft Azure

Customers can either commit by install-base or opt for a Monetary Commitment (applicable to Azure) for software/services consumed. This scheme requires 100% Software Assurance or Subscription coverage for each product family that is committed. Signing up for an Enterprise Agreement is a prerequisite for the scheme, but the Desktop Platform is not a requirement for the qualification.

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Enterprise Agreement Subscription Enrollment

The Enterprise Agreement Subscription (EAS) is very similar to the Enterprise Agreement, following the broad rules for that option and giving essentially the same benefits. The key difference is that the EAS is effectively a rental agreement - the licences are subscribed to and never owned (not perpetual), though at the end of the three year term there is an option to 'buy-out' the licences.

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