Microsoft Licensing Showcase
Cloud Services (Hosted/Online Services)

Traditionally, software is installed, used, managed, and supported locally on a computing device within your organisation’s workplace. For example, you install and use Microsoft Office locally on a PC or possibly a Server under Terminal Services; managing and maintaining this operation as part of your organisation’s overall IT environment.

With Online (Cloud) Services the service provider is responsible for managing the operation, upkeep, and maintenance of the software on their systems.

Microsoft Online Services are subscription-based and licences for these services and the software that comes with them is not perpetual. You have the right to access and use the online service, and install and use the related software only during your paid subscription term, with the added flexibilty to scale this to meet your business's usage needs.

Below is the current range of products available:

There are 3 general programmes that an online service can be licenced through:

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