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Academic & Charities

We provide a range of flexible licensing programmes for customers from educational organisations and for registered charities and certain other non-profit organisations. In the case of educational users, these programmes aim to meet the different requirements of staff and students in every qualifying organisation: universities, colleges or schools and assist with the complexities and costs of acquiring, upgrading and managing Microsoft software.

The schemes available to registered charities are limited and they are marked below by the inclusion of (incl. Charities) in the title.

Office Home and Student Edition

A retail licensing option designed for individual students, teachers and parents to use software at home. This is a medialess product, software installation and/or download is from an online site.

Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) (OVS-ES)

For academic institutions EES/OVS-ES is an alternative option to the School agreement and is based on the Full Time Employee (FTE) count, including faculty, staff and student employees, rather than the total number of desktops. Employees who teach or perform research for the institution for over 200 hours or more per annum must be included in the FTE count. Those who do not use PCs, such as maintenance and cafeteria staff, can be excluded. The licences available under this agreement are subscription licences (not perpetual) and the initial agreement can be for a 1 or 3 year term. At the end of the initial agreement term customers have the option to extend the agreement or buy-out the licences making them perpetual.

At least one or more of the Desktop Enterprise products; Windows Professional upgrade, Microsoft Office Professional Plus, and Core CAL Suite or Enterprise CAL Suite, must be purchased for all FTE employees. There is also an option to purchase a Desktop Platform product containing all 3 products at an advantageous price. Once a customer licenses a product institution-wide, all institution-owned or leased devices and all faculty and staff are covered for use of that product. The institution’s students can also use the licensed product on computers in classrooms or open access labs. Additional products can be taken in any quantity, either institution wide or for individual FTEs at any time during the subscription term.

Academic institutions which have 5 FTE employees or more can sign up to the Microsoft Open Value Subscription Agreement for Education Solutions (OVS-ES). The OVS-ES agreement is designed for smaller academic customers and customers are required to accept an electronic agreement (e-agreement) which outlines the terms of the agreement. From 1 July 2016, academic institutions will need to renew their OVS-ES agreements or school agreements into Level F pricing on OVS-ES. This has been done so Microsoft can better distinguish between renewals and new schemes.

Education Open Licence (incl. Charities)

Microsoft's Education Open licence is ideal for organisations with 5 to 500 desktop PCs. Education Open Licence makes it easier to take advantage of volume-based pricing when buying Microsoft software. See the Open Licensing (OLP) section for conditions specific to that scheme.

Education Select Plus Licence (incl. Charities)

A volume licensing programme for eligible organisations generally with more than 250 desktop PCs. Educational institutions may qualify to initiate their own Select Plus scheme, but there are options to link into a managed scheme (Eduserve) for universities and colleges or into Local Government Agreements for Secondary and Primary level schools.

Academic Full-Packaged Product (incl. Charities)

This is a full-boxed version of a Microsoft product for use in qualifying academic organisations. The contents of full-packaged products are the same as regular packages, i.e. they have the same media, manuals and Licence Agreement, except these are made available at a special price for qualifying customers from academic organisations.

A fuller statement identifying eligibility for Academic licensing options can be found at:

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