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McAfee provides cybersecurity solutions to protect your computers, endpoints, network and cloud from malware, viruses, and other security threats.

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Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) Cloud

McAfee ESM Cloud focuses on removing the barriers to your success in security operations by providing automatic installation, continuous improvement, consistent performance and scalability. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager delivers the performance, actionable intelligence, and real-time situational awareness at the speed and scale required for security organisations to identify, understand, and respond to stealthy threats, while the embedded compliance framework simplifies compliance.

MVISION Endpoint

McAfee MVISION Endpoint uses advanced, cloud-based analytics to detect sophisticated zero-day threats (that traditional defences alone may miss) and automatically returns your endpoints to a healthy state. It helps reduce endpoint management clutter with centralised management for basic and advanced countermeasures.

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge protects data from device to cloud and prevents cloud native threats that are invisible to the corporate network. This creates a secure environment for the adoption of cloud services, enabling cloud access from any device and allowing ultimate workforce productivity.


MVISION EDR reduces mean time to detect and respond to threats by enabling all analysts to understand alerts, fully investigate, and quickly respond. Advanced analytics broaden detection and make sense of alerts and artificial intelligence (AI) helps guide and automate investigations.

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