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There are a number of ways to license the HERE platform dependant on how you intend to use it in your application.

For Asset Tracking applications where you will be displaying live GPS positions on the map or if you are providing routing and planning services for fleets of vehicles, you will require a Mobile Asset Management License. These come in three varieties. Tracking licenses are available if you do not require routing, however, if you do require routing there are basic and advanced routing licenses available. HERE’s advanced routing features can help your tracking solution stand out from the crowd.

HERE also provide licenses for internal business applications, native SDKs for Android and IOS, and licenses you can use for your SAAS/web offerings.

You can also license HERE content for use with your own GIS system allowing offline access and tight data control.

For a discussion on how HERE technologies can benefit your application and licensing costs please telephone +44 (0)1364 655133 or complete a contact me request.

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