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Mobile Asset Management

Mobile Asset Management or Asset Tracking is an area where HERE Maps really set themselves apart from other mapping providers. When the quality of the maps and data is really important, HERE Maps can be relied upon to give you the right results.

Whether you are tracking people, vehicles or other moveable assets, you can gain real time awareness of where they are and use that information to make the right decisions. By integrating with the HERE Maps platform you will get access to:

  • Maps - Display your assets on a high quality map using displays such as base, hybrid, satellite imagery or terrain. Different options for day/night mode, for mobile or desktop screens, HERE maps make it easier to interact with the maps.
  • Directions – Make the best use of your assets by getting precise directions of the most efficient route to take. Improve scheduling by calculating the estimated time of arrival based on current or historical traffic data. Additionally, truck/lorry data such as size, weight and legal restrictions will improve your routing and efficiency and remove costly wrong turns.
  • Traffic – Make further use of the traffic data by displaying real time traffic flow information and alerts such as road closure information.
  • Geocoding – Help your operatives make use of the location data by turning it into an address or finding an address with HERE Maps geocoder.

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