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Netop Vision

Netop Vision 8 classroom management software makes teaching with computers easier and more effective. A software solution with a rich variety of tools that open the door on what you can do in your classroom, giving you a range of creative ways to engage your students and help them succeed.

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New Features

What's new in Netop Vision 8:

  • Support for student iPads and other web-enabled devices - In addition to the Windows-based student module, the Vision teacher module is now also capable of including browser-based student devices in a classroom. No installation is required and it runs from any web enabled device (PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone) that has a browser and a network connection.
  • Enhanced screen-sharing quality - When teachers are sharing their screen with students, Vision and Vision Pro now both use hardware acceleration mode (also known as 'high-grade screen sharing'). This mode was previously exclusive to Vision Pro but from version 8 both editions will benefit from the optimum screen sharing capabilities.
  • Enhanced Vision@Hand - The free add-on, Vision@Hand, now displays thumbnails of the student computer screens. This makes commands like Showcase Student more usable since teachers can see all student screens regardless of where they are in the classroom; teachers can even see the student screens outside of the classroom as long as they have an open connection to their Vision teacher computer.