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Mindjet MindManager

Mindmapping is becoming a common practice within universities, colleges and schools so teachers and students can create ideas, organise them into actions and collaborate on projects. Mindjet is the leading mindmapping software solution for PCs and laptops, that can also be utilised on devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android.

Mindjet's technology provides schools and college’s with software that helps students engage and encourages individuals to collaborate visually, think creatively and save time. This is all achieved through capturing, organising and communicating ideas and information in a multi-dimensional mind-map.

Grey Matter are able to provide all academic Mindjet licences, including single and site licences. Find out more and purchase this product.

Key Features

Plan and organise

  • For Teachers - Arrange tasks, assign resources and track start/due dates so you can have a full picture of what each class or pupil is currently working on.
  • For Students - Plan homework and revision timetables and track due dates, see the progress of assignments and the work left to complete. MindManager is the ideal revision tool by allowing students to put all the relevant information in a single place with the ability to expand/collapse topics, attach or link to supporting documentation, embed spreadsheets and browse the web.


  • For Teachers - Use maps as virtual whiteboards to easily capture ideas and visually organise projects, presentations and strategies to make engaging classroom discussions.
  • For Students - As groups or individuals work on assignments and start collating resources, MindManager allows them to drag and drop their findings quickly in to a central location.

Usability and customisation

Modify existing menus or create your own customisable ribbon and keep your most-used commands visible for easy access and improved productivity.

Output to Microsoft Office

Integration with Microsoft software means you can export plans to Microsoft Project, tasks and documents to Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint and outlines, data and presentations to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Maps For That

Have a map to share? Want to see how other schools and colleges use MindManager? Mindjet 'Maps For That' site allows you to share your maps with others by adding them to their rapidly growing library or get inspiration about how you can effectively use maps with your teachers and students. Find out more here.