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Bing Search APIs

Integrate a fast and simple search experience for your end users that leverages billions of webpages, images, videos, and news ranked by freshness and more, with a single API call.

Bing Web Search API: Intelligent search that retrieves indexed web documents (webpages, images, videos, news and more) with one API call with results narrowed down by result type and freshness.

Bing Image Search API: Add a variety of image search options to your app or website. Results include thumbnails, full image URLs, publishing website info, image metadata, and other endpoints such as savestrending images, similar images, image insights.

Bing Video Search API: Find videos across the web for results including video previews, trending videos, similar videos, and metadata such as view count, video length, encoding format, the creator, and other advanced search features.

Bing News Search API: Turn an app or website into a news search resource with world news grouped and filtered by topic, local news, provider information, article URLs, with sorting and filtering options. Other endpoints include category news, trending topics.

Bing Entity Search API: Pull in Bing Knowledge Graph information about people, places, things, and local businesses into your websites and mobile or web applications.

Bing Autosuggest API: Help your users complete queries faster by providing the most up-to-date suggestions and intelligent type-ahead capabilities to your app or website.

Spell Check API: Leverage machine learning so your users benefit from spell checking and grammar proofing on-demand for almost any word or phrase. Recognises slang and informal language, and differences among names, brand names, and homophones.

More features include:

  • Search video results from web sources that have been configured in your Bing Custom Search instance.
  • Options to fine-tune and customise pre-defined colour themes in Hosted UI.
  • Ability to block specific queries from the auto-generated query suggestions.
  • Extend the search experience with custom autosuggest tailored query suggestions relevant to your site. By leveraging Bing Custom Search statistics, you can get usage insights to help grow your business.

Microsoft cognitive services

All the Bing APIs sit as part of the comprehensive Microsoft cognitive services offering in Azure and are available from Grey Matter to use within your business or for resale as part of your application or service.

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