Bing Maps Showcase
Bing Maps APIs

Bring your apps to life with accurate road maps, traffic data, location services and feature rich imagery. The Bing Maps service provides a choice of APIs that enable maps to be accessed across multiple platforms. Create great user experiences for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac by adding location and other geospatial services to applications for business, the web, online or offline.

The Bing Maps APIs include map controls and services:

  • V8 control
  • REST Services
  • Spatial Data Services
  • Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform
  • Windows Store App
  • WPF control

Customise your apps with interactive and static maps, geocoding, reverse geocoding, route and traffic data, elevations, spatial data sources (use to store and query data that has a spatial component, such as store locations), aerial, birds eye, and 3D imagery.

Experience Bing Maps for yourself with the interactive SDK.

Find out more about getting started with the Bing Maps APIs.

Bing Maps V8 control SDK

The Bing Maps platform provides multiple API options for your application including Web Control, a Windows Store apps control, a WPF control, REST Services, and Spatial Data Services. The new Bing Maps V8 control SDK makes adding a map to an app as easy as adding a chart or other standard control – with streamlined API, there’s less code and more power. And with the V8 control HTML5 canvas, developers can render data faster, and render much more data.

Familiar Tools

Bing Maps provides seamless integration across the Microsoft stack: SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics ERP, Azure, Excel, Windows 10, Microsoft .NET, Office 365, Visual Studio and Windows Phone.

Bing Maps for Business Intelligence

Empower decision makers across your business with custom views of the data they need. With the rich, accurate imagery from Bing Maps as the visualisation layer, you can display data in a way that is meaningful and understandable. Integrate Bing Maps with CRM and ERP applications to visualise your business-critical data in the context of time and place.

Bing Maps Business intelligence allows you to:

  • Quickly visualise data on a map—such as sales trends, employee distribution and retail locations.
  • Make GIS data more accessible to users in your organisation and across geographies with a web services solution.
  • Evaluate property decisions by exploring demographic trends, competitive information, zoning and more.
  • Predict risk and determine trends by plotting data on a map.
  • Create disaster management solutions that allow decision makers to track health incidents, weather events, earthquakes and more.
Add Bing Maps to your site

Give a spatial context to information by integrating data into a web-based mapping experience to create great user experiences.

Integrate Bing Maps to your site:

Help your customers find a restaurant to make a reservation, get directions, or check the 5-day weather forecast on their mobile device.

  • Interactive store locators help your customers find your retail locations.
  • Provide more information on your website such as inventory by store, location-based promotions, parking and traffic info and local events.
  • Share webcam footage or other multimedia experiences on a map and provide up-to-the-minute information. Users can share stories by location with user-generated content on a map such as trip recommendations, product feedback, photos and more.

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