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Bing Maps Asset Tracking

Bing Maps as the visualisation layer in an asset management solution for fleet and asset tracking delivers intelligent, dynamic custom views of maps, locations, and imagery. Overlaying asset locations, routes and business-based stats can provide deeper insights into your business processes, better customer service performance, and help you to decrease fuel expenditures through better route planning. Layering additional data like real-time weather, traffic and road conditions can result in fewer disruptions, and faster, more responsive resource deployment.

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Managing your fleet and logistics with Bing Maps

Every company that has a fleet of vehicles or mobile workforce can benefit from better utilisation of their assets to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Bing Maps integrated in a mobile asset management (MAM) solution delivers greater efficiency and accuracy by enabling you to view your organisation’s mobile assets in real time to make location-based decisions according to your business needs.

Track your mobile fleet minute by minute

Bing Maps MAM licences have additional reverse geocode allowances so you have enough available requests to get minute by minute fleet updates with no hidden costs for exceeding allowances.

Bing Maps asset tracking allows you to:

  • Track capital assets, merchandise and other mobile assets by implementing data visualisation solutions that integrate with RFID tracking or GPS technology.
  • Help retail locations prepare for deliveries with up to the minute tracking of shipping trucks.
  • Manage geographically disparate fleets with insight into fleet locations, road and traffic conditions and keep drivers and shipments on schedule.
  • Visualise fleet and asset information, provide precise routing and driving directions in real time and focus on your fleet, not on managing base maps and imagery.

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