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Microsoft Bing Maps provides intelligent APIs, SDKs, spatial analysis tools and dynamic map styles to create rich, accurate location experiences and solutions for your web and mobile applications. Start building your application with a free API key and easily integrate Bing Maps into your Microsoft set up.



Visualise your business data

Grey Matter is the Authorised Distributor for Microsoft Bing Maps across EMEA & APAC regions.

We work closely with developers and ISVs who want to build secure and accurate solutions for location-based services such as asset tracking, geolocation, routing, spatial analysis. We know how to help you turn business intelligence into location intelligence.

Fleet Management Services
For feature-rich mobile workforce applications.

Maps Control
Dynamic, feature-rich data visualistion layer.

Truck Routing API blog

Isochrone API blog

Optimised Route Planning
Reduce operational costs and improve service performance.

SDKs for Android and iOS
Native map experiences powered by a full vector 3D map engine.

MIO API blog

Distance Matrix API blog

Spatial Data Services
Batch geocoding, POI, privately store and display spatial data.

REST Services
Geocoding, reverse-geocoding, time zones, and more, for .NET developers.

Dynamics 365 and Bing Maps blog


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