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RAD Studio 10.3 Rio Carnival Event

Thursday 29 November 2018

Calling all Delphi and C++ Builder developers, 10.3 Rio is the biggest party this decade with the most significant changes and additional functionality since 2009. We are very excited to invite you to the carnival.

Join us on Thursday 29 November in London for a FREE event where we will celebrate and take a look at the amazing new features and enhancements that RAD Studio 10.3 Rio has to offer.

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12-1pm Registration and refreshments

1-3pm Sessions 1 and 2

3-3:20pm Break and refreshments

3:20-5pm Session 3

5-6pm Drinks and networking
(in the members suite)


Jon L. Aasenden

A bit about Jon

Embarcadero’s Jon L. Aasenden was born in Vestfold, Norway.

Jon is an Embarcadero Software Consultant and evangelist for EMEA regions, and holds the title of Embarcadero Delphi MVP.

Jon learned to program quite early and took part in the scandinavian demo scene; he was admitted into Quartex, the most infamous hacker group in Europe during the 80s and 90s and was well known for his demo coding and hacks.

His love for Pascal began in college with Turbo Pascal and continued with Delphi at university level. He holds two expert degrees in Delphi, and continues to be a resource for the community. He managed several Delphi user groups including Delphi Developer on Facebook, which has some 7500 active developers.

Jon has written software for some of the largest companies in Europe, including B&O, Hydro Oil, NSB, Kongsberg defence systems and branches of the Norwegian government. He is the author of Smart Mobile Studio, an alternative compiler system that help Delphi developers target JavaScript.

Grey Matter Ltd

Grey Matter is proud to be the Embarcadero UK and Ireland Master Reseller. We have a dedicated Embarcadero team who are regularly trained on the latest product updates; they can provide advice and licensing for any of the Embarcadero development tools.

Our pre-sales technical team understand where Embarcadero tools fit within the development lifecycle and can advise you about the right products to streamline your application development, increase your productivity and reduce the development and implementation costs.

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Please fill in your details to reserve your space. Spaces are limited, so please make sure to sign up as soon as you can. Please email embarcadero@greymatter.com ahead of the event if you wish to cancel your registration, so we can give that space to someone on the waiting list. If you have any questions regarding the event, please call 01364 655 123.