Traffic camera images now on Bing Maps

Published: December 10, 2019

Microsoft has added features and functionality to its Location Routing Experience updated in April this year. Users are now able to hover to see traffic camera images or traffic incident details, giving you at-a-glance road conditions across your route. Hovering over the camera or incident icons launches a popup for the duration of the hover; a click will keep the popup window open until you click elsewhere on the map or hover over another camera or incident icon. The camera icon imagery is self explanatory, while the traffic incident icons are shown as orange or red triangles.

In addition to these routing updates, the Bing Maps team has added a new default option of “Best Mode” to the Directions selection. This feature provides you with the view of the best route options across the different modes of transport without having to switch between the transportation categories. For example, for a very short-distance trip (e.g., 10 minutes walking), the “Best Mode” feature may recommend walking or driving routes because taking a bus such a short distance may not be the best option, considering wait time and bus fare. Likewise, for trips greater than 1.5 miles, walking may not be the best option. If a bus route requires several transfers, driving may be the better option. Armed with the recommended options and route details, you can quickly see how best to get to where you want to go.

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