ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 RTM is now available

Published: December 20, 2016

JetBrains has released its latest update to ReSharper Ultimate and includes a variety of enhancements to the solution that bundles together a range of individual .NET and C++ tools which are combined into one license.

These include:

  • All ReSharper Ultimate tools now work with Visual Studio 2017 RC.
  • ReSharper 2016.3 implements initial support for C# 7 and VB.NET 15; adds new code generation actions, context actions and quick-fixes; introduces a Transform Parameters refactoring; supports running .NET Core unit tests that target .NET Core 1.0.x in Visual Studio 2015; brings noticeable improvements in usage search and ReSharper Build; improves support for TypeScript, JavaScript and HTML; and extends the language injection mechanism.
  • ReSharper C++ 2016.3 starts to support the Catch unit testing framework; adds refactorings to introduce or inline typedefs; improves Quick Documentation and Quick Info controls; and adopts the idea of postfix completion and postfix templates from the mainline ReSharper.
  • dotCover 2016.3 comes with a more compact way to highlight coverage status in Visual Studio code editors, which is very relevant for Continuous Testing. It also receives new filtering options that let you easily select code to be covered.
  • dotPeek 2016.3 introduces a metadata viewer in the Assembly Explorer.
  • dotMemory 2016.3 adds new inspections to check your application on finalised objects and objects queued for finalisation.
  • dotTrace 2016.3 brings a wide range of improvements for its Timeline Viewer, including Subsystems, the Debug Output filter, and the Native Memory Allocations event filter.

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