PyCharm 2016.3 is released by JetBrains

Published: November 24, 2016

A tool that enhances developer productivity through taking care of the routine tasks so that developers can focus on bigger projects, PyCharm 2016.3 has come with many new improvements.

Python-related improvements:

  • Improved Django integration: developers can create remote projects without having a local interpreter installed, make use of Django forms, and take advantage of other improvements.
  • Python console: multi-line commands, copy-pasting from console into files.
  • Improved variable explorer.
  • Developers are able to carry out type hinting, with automatic type hinting based on run-time collected types.
  • Python 3.6 support.
  • Thread suspension when hitting breakpoints.
  • The debugger got 40% faster, and now also shows function return values. If you use scipy or pandas, you’ll like the new viewers for Numpy Arrays and pandas DataFrames, which can be opened straight from the debugger.
  • Per-line statistical profiling with vmprof (in addition to cProfile and Yappi support).
  • Improved Docker support, including Docker Compose.
  • Better Jupyter notebooks (formerly known as IPython notebooks) support.
  • Support for custom package repositories.

Platform enhancements:

  • Better support for React, Angular, and more JavaScript frameworks.
  • More web tool support: Flow, Stylelint, and more.
  • Faster VCS log search, and improved log interface.
  • Improved merge conflict assistance: code highlighting, navigation, automatic resolution for simple conflicts.
  • Improved Git support: Worktree, Rebase, and Remote management.
  • Support for VCS patches.
  • Database tool improvements: PyCharm 2016 bundles many of the features available in DataGrip, the new JetBrains IDE for databases.
  • PyCharm supports font ligatures and bundles Fira code: an open-source font with coding ligatures.

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