Microsoft Windows 7 End of Life

Published: January 14, 2020

Today, 14 January 2020, Microsoft Windows 7 goes End of Life. What does this mean for you if you’re still using it? You’ll no longer be supported with technical assistance and software updates from Microsoft, leaving your systems vulnerable to security threats.

We strongly recommend that you consider updating to Windows 10, if you haven’t already. This will ensure that you benefit from latest features and updated security, keeping your business efficient, productive and secure.

If you’re not in a position to update to Windows 10, Microsoft is offering Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) up until January 2023 for businesses of all sizes through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Currently using Windows 7? Get in touch with our specialist licensing teams to discuss upgrading to Windows 10 or purchasing Windows 7 ESU.

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