JetBrains release latest updates

Published: August 23, 2016

The updates for the JetBrains product range has come with an assortment of improvements to enhance the user experience. Here are the new features in the following products:

PyCharm 2016.2 – The new release provides you with a unique coding experience with the new features for professional Python, Web, and scientific development working together effortlessly.

PyCharm Edu 3 – A free professional tool for you to use when learning programming with Python, with the new release learn Python more easily with a focus on course creation functionality.

CLion 2016.2 – This update introduces remote GDB debug, Doxygen support, and new code generation options to the cross-platform C/C++ IDE.

RubyMine 2016.2 – The update to this product brings a host of improvements, from better code intelligence for Ruby, RSpec, and YAML, to better support for JavaScript and TypeScript, improved VCS and database tools from IntelliJ Platform, and an enhanced UI.

DataGrip 2016.2 – Among the enhancements to this product of a new UI for importing CSV files and recompile packages in Oracle, the new new release much more support including: dynamic SQL support, search path support for PostgreSQL, and support in the literals for JSON and XML.

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