InstallShield 2014 released

Published: May 15, 2014

Flexera Software have announced the availability of their new InstallShield 2014 Solution which meets the needs of Microsoft Visual Studio developers and provides new features for Microsoft Web Deploy and Virtualised environments. 

The latest release, InstallShield 2014, introduces: 

Install Web Applications to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft IIS using Microsoft Web Deploy

With new support for Microsoft Web Deploy, Suite/Advanced UI installations give you the flexibility to deploy web applications to your choice of infrastructure—local machines, remote servers in the data center or Microsoft Azure in the cloud.

Deploy to Microsoft Azure SQL Databases

Install databases to the cloud and support hybrid cloud scenarios by deploying database scripts directly to Microsoft Azure SQL databases.

Design DPI-Aware Installations

All InstallShield project types are now DPI-aware, ensuring an optimised user experience when you install software on high DPI devices.

Check for Updates and Patches at Install Time and from Maintenance Mode

Automatically check for updates at install time and enable customers to check for updates from a Suite installation’s maintenance mode.

Upgrade Multi-instance Installations

Develop upgrades that can detect the presence of multiple instances of a product on target systems, providing end-users with options to select the instance to upgrade. Now supports both major and minor upgrades.

Provision Virtual Machines from the InstallShield IDE for Testing Installations

Reduce testing time and eliminate manual steps by automatically provisioning virtual machines: choose test image snapshots, power on virtual machines, and stage setups directly from the InstallShield IDE. Supports VMware vSphere, VMware Workstation and Microsoft Hyper-V.

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