Enterprise Architect 11 released

Published: May 2, 2014

Sparx Systems have released Enterprise Architect 11 – the powerful visual-modelling tool used worldwide by software developers, software architects, business analysts and others.

This release is packed full of new features, including:

  • Charts and Dashboards enable users to instantly convert project-related statistical data into easily understood visual graphs that provide team members with ‘at-a-glance’ views of key performance indicators
  • The Element Discussion window enables team members to hold conversations at the most granular level around each and every element in Enterprise Architect, an improvement that enables architects to bring a more precise focus to their discussions, questions and requests for feedback.
  • New ability to capture some application logic while auto-generating compilable source code from State Machine diagrams. Earlier versions of Enterprise Architect were able to generate code, but without including any details about methods.
  • Specification Manager simplifies the process of editing and maintaining model elements. Every element in a package is displayed in a simple document view, making it easier to scan, edit and read model elements.
  • Plus much more.

Find out more about Enterprise Architect 11, and buy or upgrade now on our store site.

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