Embarcadero RAD Studio Desktop Bridge Support Now Available for Windows 10 Deployments

Published: January 11, 2017

Broadening the developer experience and capabilities, Embarcadero Technologies recently announced that RAD Studio is the first integrated development environment (IDE) to provide developers with built-in support for packaging Win32 and Win64 applications for deployment to the Windows 10 Desktop Bridge, and into the Windows 10 Store.

This means developers will be able to deliver millions of new and existing applications, created using Delphi or C+ Builder,  to millions of Windows users within minutes, directly from the IDE. In addition, with APIs and VCL controls, and extensive native WinRT/UWP components, RAD Studio provides users with a quick way to modernise existing apps with the latest Windows 10 user interface design, and furthermore package them ready to be deployed on the Windows 10 Store. Plus, with quick and easy migration to Windows 10, developers can benefit from not having the expense of having to re-develop existing application code, carry out staff training, testing and any other expense made from time spent completing the tasks.

To find out more about the Embarcadero product range and how they can enhance your development experience, please call +44 (0) 1364 655123.


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