Bing Maps V8 Summer Update

Published: August 23, 2017

Microsoft has released updates to Bing Maps V8 Web Control with several new features, as well as many improvements and bug fixes. Some new features in this release include:

Custom Map Styles: Customise the look and feel of the road maps inside of your application such as changing the colours of the roads and land, create a style that aligns with your app’s UI, add company branding and more.

GeoXml Module: Easily import and export common spatial file formats; load as a map layer or directly access the data with just a few lines of code.

Ground Overlays: Overlay georeferenced images on top of the map so that they move and scale as you pan and zoom the map. This is great for building floor plans, overlaying old maps, or imagery from a drone.

Plus 200+ code samples are now available including creating pushpins using SVGs and a Solar Terminator Module to show the position of the sun and the shadow for any date and time.

Read more about the updates on the Bing Maps Developer blog.
Go to MSDN for documentation and Try It Now.
Visit our Bing Maps showcase for more information.

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