Bing Maps Route API and Truck Routing API update

Published: March 13, 2020

Microsoft adds Avoid border crossing support to Calculate Route API and Truck Routing API

There are a number of scenarios where users may want to be mindful of country borders when calculating a route. This can be European countries, or North American states near the Canadian border for example. Some drivers and vehicles may need to keep their routes within one country due to visa requirements or customs duties. Using the optional parameter avoid=borderCrossing, Bing Maps Calculate Route API can offer an alternate route, which may have a longer travel time and travel distance, but keeps the route within the country borders.

In addition, Bing Maps now also supports customisable border crossing restrictions for the Truck Routing API. Users can specify regions or geographic areas where border crossing should be avoided, or minimised due to transport regulations.

Read the blog over on CodeMatters for more details.

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