Bing Maps Location Recognition API now available

Published: June 20, 2018

Microsoft has announced the new Bing Maps Location Recognition API has now moved from preview to Generally Available. The Bing Maps Location Recognition API is a high-powered reverse geocoding service that provides users with more context about what is nearby. The API helps answer questions such as:

  • What are the businesses and points of interest near a real estate property that I am interested in buying?
  • What is the address associated with a given lat/long?
  • Is it a private residence?
  • What neighbourhood am I in?

Given a location (lat/long) the Bing Maps Location Recognition API returns a list of entities at the location. The different components of the API response provide a comprehensive description of the location, consisting of:

  • Business entities situated at the location – a wide variety of entity types are supported for example, restaurants, hotels, parks, gym, shopping malls and more
  • Natural entities at the location such as beaches, island, lakes and 9 other types
  • Reverse geocoded address of the input location, with neighborhood and street intersection information where available
  • Type of property – residential, commercial – situated at the location

Try the Location Recognition API  using your Bing Maps API key.

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