Azure IoT

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Microsoft has one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of IoT services and capabilities that can support your IoT project, from the edge to the cloud, whatever your industry.

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

Let’s cover the basics. Put simply, IoT is the practice of interconnecting the physical world with cloud services through electronic devices, software and sensors. These electronic devices, software and sensors collect data that can be processed to deliver new insights that enhance understanding around a product or service.

AI, edge computing and digital twins are all technologies that are often used to as part of IoT solutions.

64% of IoT decision-makers plan to implement even more IoT in the future*.

*Source: Microsoft IoT Signals report

Using Microsoft Azure IoT

The insights gained from Azure IoT solutions can be used to:

Influence operational efficiencies like process engineering, time to market reduction and predictive maintenance

Increase quality assurance and cost savings from data at stage of a process.

Monitor security, compliance and inventory/staff tracking in real-life spaces.

Watch the IoT session we delivered with Microsoft

Find out more about Microsoft Azure IoT and the Intelligent Edge, and how these technologies can have a very real commercial benefit for your business.

In this on-demand webinar, Microsoft’s Senior Solutions Specialist EMEA IoT, Ella Cockerell and IoT Solutions Architect, Richard Jones talk about how IoT can be used in real-life cases and how you can get started with technologies like Azure Sphere and Azure IoT Hub.

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Why Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft has developed a full suite of IoT tools that have been built to help you develop exceptional IoT solutions

Azure IoT Hub and Azure Digital Twins are the building blocks for constructing customised IoT solutions and ideal for businesses that want full control of the underlying solution services and solution architecture.

Azure IoT Hub enables highly secure and reliable communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages.

Azure Digital Twins allows you to create comprehensive digital models of real-world environments to gain insights that will help you develop better products, optimise operations and costs, and create breakthrough customer experiences.

Azure IoT Central is a great quick-start way to build IoT apps with a fully managed IoT solution offering. It’s ideal if you don’t want to dedicate extensive resources to developing system architecture but still want control of user roles, devices and dashboards.

Azure IoT Central is highly secure and scales with you as you grow. Make the most of IoT app templates for common industry scenarios and build quicker.

Azure Maps and Azure IoT

Location is a critical piece of information for managing IoT devices. Natively hosted in the Azure cloud, Azure Maps is the geospatial platform for integrating maps and spatial analysis capabilities into your Azure IoT solutions to gain real-time insights to make data-driven decisions.

Azure Maps is available on a subscription-based licensing model that gives you access to monthly billing based on your consumption. We have an in-house team of mapping specialists here to answer your questions.

Overcoming barriers to IoT adoption

Lack of technical know-how, time, and budget are challenges that most business face when considering adopting Azure IoT solutions into their projects.

Proof of Concepts are needed to prove value against investment in skill, time and technology for IoT adoption and they’re a crucial point where projects can fail. Before you get to this stage, it’s important that you have properly considered and mapped out your business use case.

We can help you figure this out. Book an IoT discovery call with one of our team to discuss your ideas.