HERE offline Location Services

Run HERE location services on your own infrastructure or preferred cloud

Perhaps you’re in an industry sector (such as insurance, healthcare, financial services, or government) that requires the ability to run location services on your private servers. Or you want to geocode massive amounts of data in batch jobs, route a truck to comply with truck restrictions, give access to historical traffic data to predict better routes, or provide access to isoline routing for customers trying to solve complex logistics problems.

HERE offline solutions offer a broad range of location services that can be stored and run on your own infrastructure or cloud environment, giving you complete control over your data and deployment.

How does it work?

HERE data sets are made available to download in the relevant file format so you can process the data according to your requirements. Source data is updated regularly and you can select specified update timings so you always have the most accurate and current information available.

Once your set up is in place, you can host everything you need to run location services at the fastest speeds and with the lowest latency. You will also be able to directly manage your data protection and privacy.

Illustrations showing the HERE maps cloud deploying data

The benefits


Streamline processes and ensure service availability through your company’s in-house server. Process high volumes of data while reducing risks associated with latency and bandwidth. Integrate into your ERP system.


Keep location data and services within your company and behind your firewall. Assure the level of security your business needs in order to comply with various operating procedures and regulations.

Cost efficiency

Contain costs associated with processing large volumes of data.

Location services you can run:

Mapping services

Pre-rendered map images, diverse map styles, global satellite images, venue maps

Directions services

Precise instructions for various transport modes (car, public transit, bicycle, pedestrian) and traffice conditions

Geocoding services

Conversion of street addresses to geo-coordinates and vice-versa, batch geocoding and geocoder auto-complete

Traffic services

Traffic flow, volume, incident information, and map tiles with traffic overlays

Custom location

Storage, management and retrieval of custom POIs and polygons

Geofencing services

Monitoring of mobile assets entering or leaving a certain geographic area

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