Jan, 2018

Webinar: I/O Reduction Software – Improve SQL Performance

 We are delighted to be co-hosting this webinar again with Condusiv, discussing how their I/O reduction software significantly improves SQL performance.

Discover how to ‘boost your SQL performance and sweat your existing assets for longer.  You don’t necessarily need to buy more storage – Condusiv has the solution to poor SQL performance in both physical and virtual environments’.

With I/O Reduction Software from Condusiv you can improve application speed and save your organisation the cost and hassle of buying additional, expensive storage.

Discover how you can make your hardware last longer and your servers, desktops and laptops run better.

Condusiv’s technical expert will provide an overview of the I/O problem, how it is solved and (most importantly) what the benefits to the business are.

Grey Matter has been a Condusiv partner for many years.  Many of our customers report a dramatic increase on server performance after a few weeks of using the Condusiv software-only solution.

Webinar date and time: Thursday 25th January 2018 at 11am.

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