Dec, 2018

Webinar: The 2 Silent Killers of SQL Performance

Hear about the two big silent killers of SQL performance and why your heaviest workloads are only processing HALF the throughput they should from VM to storage, no matter how much flash is thrown at the problem.

If you manage any SQL-based applications, then you don’t want to miss this educational webinar on I/O performance:

  • Understand the two I/O taxes on a SQL system and how they steal performance
  • How small, fractured, random I/O characteristics occur and rob performance
  • How to double throughput and reduce latency by solving the root cause problem
  • Never upgrade your storage backend for performance reasons ever again
  • See before-and-after performance reporting to validate SQL performance gains from I/O Reduction Software for SQL
Condusiv’s V-locity® for SQL is “set and forget” I/O reduction software that is the #1 utility for solving slow MS-SQL applications. Attendees get a free, non-expiring licence of Condusiv’s V-locity (a £411.29 value). Note: One NFR software licence per company.
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