May, 2018

How You Turn ‘Big Data’ Into Meaningful Insight and Intelligence Webinar

Wednesday, 23 May, 10 am

Join us for the last webinar in our Digital Transformation series with Microsoft and Santander and find out how you can use simple but powerful data tools to better understand your business and where you should grow next!

Jodie Rodgers, a Technical Specialist from Microsoft, will demystify the fundamentals surrounding big data and how you can start to use it to your business’ advantage. Whilst Phil Husbands founder of strategic business intelligence company Saltare will provide practical advice surrounding how you can ensure your business becomes more data driven and the tools you can use to turn the data you capture into insight.

What small business doesn’t want to expand? If you can master the art of turning the data you have into meaningful insight about your customers, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions that will ensure your business growth plans are a success.

Sign up to attend here: How You Turn ‘Big Data’ Into Meaningful Insight and Intelligence.

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