eSignature and Print Management Solutions

  • On average a UK worker uses 45 pieces of paper a day, two-thirds of that being waste!
  • 39% of businesses have not implemented a paperless policy to try and reduce paper usage.
  • 11% of businesses have lost important documents, resulting in compliance issues or financial losses.

One of the ways you can reduce paper and help enhance your business digitally is by using an eSignature (electronic signature) solution.

eSignatures enable you to sign documents digitally rather than having to print them out, sign them, scan them back in or send them back by post.

You can also save the trees, costs, and improve business processes and productivity.

eSignature solutions benefit a range of industries

Legal, insurance and financial organisations

Track the document easily for auditing purposes and keep sensitive documents secure with multi-facture authentication. 80% of legal firms are adapting to a paperless approach*.

Estate agents

The agreement signing process is much quicker – increasing efficiency, making your clients happier as they can move in/out much sooner.


Use the APIs to integrate eSignatures within your application for compliance and improve the end user experience.

Indirect CSPs

Microsoft requires Indirect CSPs to manage their end user agreements. Partners are required to provide confirmation of customer acceptance for all CSP customer orders. Partners will not be able to make new purchases or edits to a subscription for new or existing customers until the partner confirms acceptance from the customer. eSignatures are a great tool for this.

eSignature Key benefits:

  • Avoid time-consuming processes – have a contract or agreement signed within minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks
  • Cut down the amount of paper you use – save costs on paper, ink, printer; plus help the environment, which in turn reflects well on your company and how it is perceived by others
  • Easily find previously signed agreements
  • Comply with various security standards
  • Set reminders and check whether the document has been signed at any time
  • Avoid errors caused by manual processes
  • Avoid delays in payments or getting a project started
  • One of our solutions even enables you to send photo identification and use face match technology
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eSignature Publishers

Grey Matter offers three specialist digital signature providers to cover a huge range of use cases. Please contact us to discuss the vendors we have available and which would best suit and streamline your organisation.

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Still need to print?

For those of you who still need to print agreements or any other general documentation, we also offer a few print management solutions.

With these solutions, again you can reduce the amount that’s printed, save costs, help the environment, but also have better print management and efficiency.

  • Track who is printing what and when
  • Encourage users to save ink/paper by printing double sided or printing in monochrome
  • Set fixed quotas and budgets for your users/different departments
  • Enable users to print from any device
  • Ensure sensitive documents aren’t printed until the user is at the printer
  • Stop unapproved usage
  • Manage the device from a central dashboard
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