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Testing allows you to correct or fine tune code on-the-fly to improve its logic and performance. Once the application is beginning to take shape, unit and load testing will help ensure the overall system is fit for purpose before go-live. Here are three products that address different aspects of these requirements, including the identification of security vulnerabilities.

JetBrains specialises in intelligent tools to help you write clean, quality code across .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C# and C++ platforms.

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA indexes the source code and provides instant code completion and on-the-fly analysis. It includes tools for refactoring.

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For testing desktop, web and mobile application GUIs.

SmartBear TestComplete helps ensure the quality of your application without sacrificing speed or agility with an easy-to-use, GUI test automation tool. An AI-powered object recognition engine provides script or scriptless options for testing every desktop, web and mobile application with ease.

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For internal IT dev teams, GitHub Enterprise will help identify code and packages that compromise security.

GitHub helps you address vulnerabilities earlier and ship secure applications. Security controls can be baked into the project pipeline from the start and GitHub will identify vulnerabilities in both your code and external dependencies.

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