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The Bing Maps suite of developer APIs makes it easy for you to transform your business data into powerful and accurate location solutions and services.

  • Global coverage: over 170 countries including China
  • Developer friendly: high performance, easy to use
  • Enterprise support: 24/7 email and phone support, documentation, sample code
  • Integrates into your Microsoft stack and the new Cognitive Services APIs

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New fleet and routing APIs ready to use in your code

Develop fleet, asset, and logistics applications for the mobile workforce with feature-rich location intelligence and visualisation.

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Distance Matrix API

Calculates the best route possible for multiple origins and destinations, based on time or distance, mode of transportation, start and end time, predicted traffic, and more; with an optional histogram. Use case examples: Uber-style e-hailing transport services, best transit routes, business locator, multi-drop deliveries.

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Truck Routing API

Optimises routes for trucks and commercial vehicles based on specific transportation requirements. Information such as low bridges, sharp turns, steep gradients, waterways, hazardous materials restrictions, ensure compliance, and help to save on fuel costs and fines.

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Isochrone API

Creates polygons to visualise a travel time search. Easy to develop and customise, includes predictive traffic, geofencing, and the ability to set parameters for routes that you want to avoid. Use case examples: zoning and transit planning, real estate house and amenities locations, delivery routing.

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Snap to Road API

Uses GPS points to enable accurate tracking and reporting of assets and mobile workforce by snapping coordinates onto the road network. Use case examples: monitor fuel efficiency, driver speed limit data, expense claims, drivers’ routes, and more.

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Grey Matter has been working with ISVs, SIs, and start-ups for over 30 years. We are a Gold Microsoft Partner and the sole authorised distributor of Microsoft Bing Maps for the EMEA and APAC regions. Our cloud location services team can provide the right licensing advice for your dev solution and our Services team can offer a free cloud architecture consultation or technical enablement to scale your reach.


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