New fleet and logistics solutions for greater location intelligence

Bing Maps for the enterprise

Bing Maps is the Microsoft Location Intelligence platform trusted by enterprise customers worldwide. Visualise your business data on dynamic maps to optimise fleet and services routes, view your own and competitor sales territories, plan for intelligent cities and transit, improve your business processes and outcomes. The developer-focused APIs integrate into your Microsoft set up, and your existing telematics or CRM solution using the Bing Maps platform.

Accurate, real-time insights

Every business with a fleet of vehicles or mobile workforce can benefit from real-time insights such as specialised truck routes, traffic incidents, and time-and-distance calculations to increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Microsoft Bing Maps delivers custom views of maps, locations, traffic and road conditions, and more, with geospatial information for countries all over the world that is accurate and fresh.

New premium solutions for fleet management, routing, logistics, vehicle tracking and more:

Distance Matrix API

Distance Matrix

Optimise routes for multiple destinations: real-time traffic data, route mapping, tracking, and visual analytics increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Truck Routing API

Truck Routing

Safely plan commercial logistics: determine compliant transportation routes for commercial vehicles to save time and reduce costs.

Isochrone API


Calculate reachable routes: empower field, sales, and services teams to reach multiple appointments and call-outs within a specified distance and time.

Snap-to-Road API


Monitor and analyse fleet activities: use GPS points to accurately track on-road time for fleet and asset management and best route and speed analysis.

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