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If your laptops, PCs and portable devices are not securely protected, you're risking your Intellectual Property (IP), your business value and your reputation.

These days, headlines about the latest corporate data theft are all too familiar. From organised criminal gangs to opportunist hackers, from unscrupulous competitors to hostile states – the threats to every business’ Intellectual Property (IP) and confidential data are real and rising.

And the damage caused by IP theft can be crippling. Lost sales and customers. Lower profit margins. Lost confidence. Reduced ROI on R&D. Redundancies.

A recent report found that the average cost of a data breach is £1.2m in lost revenue, IP, downtime and IT improvements.1

You may think you're protected, but are you sure?

Alarmingly, despite significant investments in cyber security products in recent years, many businesses are still failing to adequately protect themselves. In particular, companies are overlooking the data stored on their laptops, PCs and portable media – their data at rest – leaving a glaring hole in their cyber security strategy.

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Our Viewpoint Paper

Best practice guidelines on protecting your business from IP and data theft.
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Our Infographic

A quick visual guide to the IP theft landscape and the issues you may need to address.
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Be sure you’re protected with Becrypt

With Becrypt’s suite of data at rest protection solutions, you can quickly and easily ensure the data on your entire mobile device estate is safe in the event of loss or theft. And you don’t have to compromise the mobility and productivity of your people.

Becrypt Disk Encryption provides full disk encryption for Windows laptops, PCs, tablets and servers.

Becrypt Port Control prevents unauthorised access for externally connected devices.

Becrypt Media Encryption safeguards the storage and transfer of data on external devices.

Becrypt Enterprise Management gives you full visibility and control of user activity.

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