Microsoft Azure
Sponsorship Credit

Are you an ISV with a new project or solution you’d
like to build on Microsoft Azure?

As an Azure Specialist for ISV Partner, (1 of 3 in the UK), we’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer ISVs wanting to build their solution or new project on Azure sponsorship credit for proof of concept deployments.

How do you qualify?

Are you able to identify potential usage of at least £24,000 a year (£2,000 a month) using the Azure Calculator? If the answer is yes, you can request Azure proof of concept credit based on a 10:1 return on investment which is made available to you over a period of 60 days. What does that mean in real terms?

Estimated utilisation of £24,000 a year (£2,000 a month) = £2,400 Azure sponsorship credit for 60 days.

Estimated utilisation of £30,000 a year (£2,500 a month) = £3,000 Azure sponsorship credit for 60 days.

Not sure? Free 30-minute Azure Discovery Session

We appreciate that in a lot of cases proof of concept deployments are used to identify potential usage. So if you need help estimating your potential usage or guidance on resources, environment design, or anything at all, book a free 30-minute Azure Discovery Session with one of our Azure experts.

Tips for making the most of this offer

Based on our experience and to ensure you make the most of the program, we recommend that you…

  • Base your estimated annual usage on what you believe your monthly usage will be 12 months from full adoption, then multiply by 12 to get your annual.
  • Make sure you take in to account your growth aspirations and environment growth in line with customer onboarding when estimating your usage.
  • Request your Azure sponsorship credit once you’ve confirmed when your PoC deployment will take place as it is only available over a 60-day period.
  • Ensure your Azure sponsorship credit request will result in additional £2,000 a month (£24,000 a year) Azure usage to Microsoft if you are an existing Azure customer.

Start your application today

Please complete this application form to take advantage of Azure sponsorship credit, a free 30-minute Azure Discovery Session or both.
If you would like to discuss Azure Sponsorship Credit in further detail or learn how Grey Matter has been supporting ISVs deploy to Microsoft Azure, you can contact us in the following ways.

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