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WatchGuard XTM [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Watchguard

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New Features

WatchGuard® XTM appliances deliver performance-driven protection for small to large businesses. Ideal for main offices and headquarters, the UTM suite has enterprise-class security features including full HTTPS inspection, VoIP support, and comes with a rich set of tools to support policy creation, management, and enforcement across multiple locations. High availability, multi-WAN, server load balancing, and VLAN help ensure maximum uptime. Flexible, centralised management tools include intuitive console, web UI, and scriptable CLI, with real-time monitoring and rich reporting included at no additional cost.

Data Leakage Module available as an addition to Security Suite.

Best of Breed UTM Functionality including: Websense URL, Broadweb Application Control and IPS, Commtouch Anti-Spam, AVG Anti-Virus.

  • XTM available with LSS(Live Security Subscriptions)
  • XTM available with Security Bundle (UTM Suite).
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