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MAXQDA [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: VERBI GmbH

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MAXQDA is a professional software for qualitative and mixed methods data analysis with identical versions for Windows and Mac. MAXQDA can help you with systematic analysis and interpretation of your data. Analyze interviews, articles, media clips, Twitter tweets, surveys, focus groups, and more. Develop a system of categories and mark important information in your data with different codes using MAXQDA flexible and powerful coding features. Write down your thoughts and theories in memos, take advantage of various search functions, connect your qualitative data to quantitative information and present with striking visualization and export option.

MAXQDA is available as four product options:

MAXQDA Base (Basic Qualitative Text Analysis)
MAXQDA Standard (Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis)
MAXQDA Plus (MAXQDA Standard + “MAXDictio' module for quantitative text analysis)
MAXQDA Analytics Pro (MAXQDA Plus + “Stats' module for statistical analysis
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