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TreeAge Pro Suite [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: TreeAge Software, Inc.

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TreeAge Pro Suite combines the power and functionality of TreeAge software modules, including:

  • All of the powerful modeling, analysis and reporting capabilities of our TreeAge Pro core module.
  • The advanced healthcare functionality of the TreeAge Pro Healthcare module - including powerful Monte Carlo simulation features and healthcare-specific charts and graphs.
  • Tight integration with Excel software via TreeAge Pro Excel.

TreeAge Pro Suite provides new base software and many common features and interface elements to speed your research and decision making. This release is a major step forward in fulfilling the TreeAge Software commitment to a flexible and productive analytical platform. TreeAge Pro Suite builds on the strengths of the individual products and enhances their ability to work together seamlessly. TreeAge Pro Suite is an integrated package optimized for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, epidemiologists and others engaged in research and analysis in life sciences. The Suite delivers a complete and easy-to-use decision analysis solution for a variety of healthcare.
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