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Email continues to be the primary method for sharing information among employees, customers, and partners. This presents a challenge for organizations that must protect information assets while promoting information sharing. The critical first step in solving this challenge is to classify email at the time of creation, so that the organizations can identify the information’s value, and manage the data accordingly.

TITUS Message Classification is a security and governance solution that ensures all Microsoft Outlook messages are classified before they are sent. Labels are fully customizable to meet internal and regulatory marking standards, and can be used to indicate any type of information, such as data sensitivity (Public, Confidential) and department (HR, Finance). Flexible classification options enable user-driven, system-suggested or automatic application of the classification based on the recipient, sender, content, and other email attributes.

By assisting users to classify emails upon creation, organizations can add structure to the vast number of emails that are sent every day. This helps to prevent inadvertent disclosure, meet compliance requirements, and enhance infrastructure solutions such as archiving, DLP, and encryption.

Classification Selector: Provides simple, non-intrusive ways to identify the sensitivity of email with classification labels including: One Click Classification, classification via prompts, system-suggested, and automatic classification based on recipient, content, and other email attributes.

Visual Markings: Applies visual markings in the email subject line and message body to clearly identify information sensitivity.

Metadata Assist: Stores user classification selections with the email as persistent metadata, which can be used to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of DLP, archiving and perimeter security solutions.

Policy Enforcement: Inspects the email for policy violations before the message leaves the desktop, providing instant feedback so that the sender can correct any problems. Rich and flexible policies can be triggered by comparing multiple values, including: email and attachment contents, sender and recipient attributes, and classifications or the absence of classification.

Security Enablement: Adds an extra layer of security by automatically encrypting, signing, or RMS-protecting sensitive emails based on classification, recipient, content or any other email attribute.

Administration: Provides a centralized, web-based Administration Console for classification configuration and policy management across the entire TITUS Classification Suite of products. TITUS generates user activity logs that can be monitored and analysed to measure the effectiveness of the security policies and detect anomalous usage.

TITUS Message Classification works with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 and Microsoft Exchange® 2007, 2010 and 2013.

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