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TCP/Com allows any of the existing serial (RS232) ports on your PC to interface directly to a TCP/IP network. This makes it possible for any other computer on the same network to send and receive serial data through a remote serial port on the PC where TCP/Com is running. You connect to the remote serial port by connecting to a TCP/IP port.
Attach data collection devices - modems, bar code scanners, sensors, gages, meters, RF equipment, telephone PBX systems, laboratory instruments, etc. - to the serial ports of your Windows PC and have that data available anywhere over any TCP/IP based network (i.e. ethernet, Internet).

For example, you could connect a serial device (bar code reader, electronic balance or electronic measuring instrument) to a COM port on your PC, run TCP/Com and then connect to the device from any other PC on your network through a TCP/IP socket connection. This would allow you to use TCP-Wedge, Telnet or any other TCP/IP communications software to read or write to the serial device directly from any PC located on the same network. TCP/Com can also be used to pass serial data across a corporate intranet or over the Internet. See below for a list of typical applications for TCP/Com.
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