ShadowProtect SPX Virtual Server [Academic/Government/Not For Profit - Renewal (Maintenance) (1-Year) (3) Licence Pack - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Linux] boxshot

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ShadowProtect SPX Virtual Server [Academic/Government/Not For Profit - Renewal (Maintenance) (1-Year) (3) Licence Pack - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Linux]

Published By: StorageCraft

£104.17 (Ex. VAT)

Our Part #: 1088192 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic

Please note the following product purchase requirements:
The multiple license packs of ShadowProtect Virtual are subject to a single serial number used for tracking and product identification.
As a condition of sale the licenses included in the pack may be used only by a single end user.
They may not be sold separately and their individual resale or distribution is expressly prohibited.
Virtualization bundles may be installed inside VMWare ESX / ESXi, Hyper-V, and Xen virtual machines.


Utilise a single cross-platform solution to protect your entire IT environment through backup and disaster recovery, data protection as well as managed system migration. Have the confidence that your systems on physical and virtual machines will be reliably recovered within minutes with StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX, protecting and supporting your business during unplanned downtimes.

Carry out continual backups so that should a disaster occur, your company does not risk losing too much data, and regularly test the recovery.

You can restore to specific files and folders, whole data volumes, whether you are restoring to the same hardware or the same hypervisor should a system error cause the server or hypervisor to crash.

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Renew Expired Maintenance Discount Promotion – Ends 30 April 2017.

StorageCraft is having an Amnesty on all licenses with expired maintenance. So bring out all your licenses with expired maintenance and get them up to date and upgraded to ShadowProtect SPX.

For a limited time StorageCraft is allowing maintenance that has been expired for 1 year (365 day), to be renewed at standard renewal rates. Until 30 April 2017, StorageCraft is giving customers the opportunity to pay just 20% instead of 50% of the original license fee which normally applies when maintenance has expired.

StorageCraft’s renewal and maintenance program is the simplest and most cost effective way of protecting your product investment. StorageCraft ensures you back up and recover all your important data but if you need technical assistance or additional disaster recovery expertise, up-to-date maintenance is essential.

  • Backup - Backup your systems, data, services, configuration settings, and applications to decrease the risk of losing important data, customised applications nor your operating system.
  • Scheduling - Regularly run backups, even in the background while employees are working.
  • Remote management - Manage the SPX-agent installation and the scheduling of backup jobs on remote machines without leaving your desk.
  • Testing - Easily run tests on your backup images to ensure that the backup will work efficiently should a disaster occur.
  • Recovery - Quickly recover a file, folder or even a whole system, whether it is to the same or a different hardware, meaning you can avoid downtime and its implications such as costs and time.
  • Migration - You can move your system to a new machine without losing uptime, regardless of what hardware you choose to use.
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