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Specops Deploy [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Specops Software

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Specops Deploy builds on Active Directory's native installation tools to provide detailed real-time reporting, scheduling, deployment without rebooting, support for additional installers and more.

Specops Deploy is easy to install, works directly with Microsoft's Group Policy Software Installation policies and snaps right into the management console.

  • Deploy over slow and unstable network connections using BITS technology which can resume download of the installer if the connection breaks
  • Supports .MSI files, MSP files and legacy installers such as setup.exe
  • Real-time reporting can provide instant feedback about the success of the package installation by detailing which software/updates/patches are installed and which failed or had warnings
  • Install applications at user login or boot-up
  • Remove the requirement to reboot after software installations are completed
  • Schedule installations to run at a specific time
  • Prioritise installations so the most important get installed first
  • Target any Active Directory group of systems, users, groups, OU's and more
  • Extensive end user interaction capabilities
  • And more.

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