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Specops Command [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Specops Software

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Specops Command enables you to run PowerShell and VBScript on any computer(s) on your network, just with a couple of mouse clicks. You can schedule scripts to run at a specfic time and at specific recurrance intervals and you can get real-time reports into how the script has actually performed.

  • Supports PowerShell and VBScript scripts and helps provide control over the management of your scripts
  • Execute scripts at set times - at group policy refresh intervals, at startup or at login
  • Schedule scripts to run at set times and at multiple intervals
  • Easy point-and-click creation of groups of computers where you want the script to run
  • Script execution feedback provide indication of the success or failure of a script
  • Run scripts using user or computer credentials
  • Extension to Group Policy provides easy access, manageability and scalability

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