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Vault Standard [v10.x Commercial - Perpetual Licence (100th+ Users) (1) User - Electronic *Cumulative Licensing* Windows]

Published By: SourceGear

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SourceGear Vault is a version control tool designed to be a compelling replacement for Visual SourceSafe.

  • Built for Reliability - Vault was designed to ensure the reliability of data. All repository data is stored in a SQL Server database.
  • Atomic Checkins - You can checkin a group of logically-related operations as a changeset, and the checkin operation is atomic. The entire changeset either succeeds or fails. Your repository is never left in a half-baked state.
  • Familiar User Interface - SourceSafe users can begin using Vault with no learning curve. The terminology is the same. All major VSS features are present.
  • SourceSafe Import - Vault includes a SourceSafe import wizard that can move all your VSS data into a Vault repository. Every version of every file is imported, including change comments. Even shares and pins are properly maintained.
  • Remote Access - Vault was designed to work well over the Internet. All communication between client and server is done over HTTP, familiar and friendly for network administrators. Compression and binary deltas are used in both directions to minimize network traffic. Configure IIS for SSL support to keep your data secure.
  • Advanced Features - Vault brings smart branching and merging to your team, including our Merge Branches wizard. And check out our exclusive Line History feature (think Blame on steroids).
  • Clients for Linux - The Vault command-line client is fully supported and tested on Linux using Mono.
  • IDE Integration - Vault integrates seamlessly with both Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse.
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