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Vault Professional [v10.x Commercial - Perpetual Licence (10th-24th Users) (1) User - Electronic *Cumulative Licensing* Windows]

Published By: SourceGear

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Vault Professional contains all of the same great version control features found in Vault Standard, with the addition of tightly-integrated, native work item tracking, integration with Axosoft OnTime defect tracking, and build management.

A seamlessly integrated solution
Vault Pro tightly integrates Version Control, Work Item tracking and more ¿ giving you the context to know who did what, when, and why.

World-class version control
Based on SourceGear Vault Standard, Vault Professional's version control gives you everything you need - reliability, atomic commits, excellent remote performance, flexible security, smart branching and merging, and more.

And if you're upgrading from Visual SourceSafe, Vault's VSS Handoff gets you up and running in no time, with access to all of your VSS History, Shares and Pins. Jump right into the safer, faster, more-powerful world of Vault Professional, and leave nothing behind.

Work item tracking
Vault Professional offers Work Item / Bug tracking in your IDE or via your web browser. Work Item tracking and Version Control are integrated, so you'll easily see what work items are related to a checkin, and vice-versa. Customize the security to suit your team, create and save custom queries, and more. Additionally, Vault Pro now has built-in integration with Axosoft's OnTime defect tracking.

Build integration

Vault Pro integrates with CruiseControl.NET to provide continuous integration and build support. We also provide NAnt tasks to access and update Vault Pro repositories from your build scripts, and a cross-platform command line client that can be called from any build tool.

Full-featured integration with popular IDEs:
All of Vault's features are available in Visual Studio and Eclipse (on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris).

Vault's Version Control interface can be also used from Visual Studio 2003 and earlier, and from many other editors and IDEs.
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