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Chart FX Developer Studio [Commercial - Perpetual Licence Full Product (1) Licence - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Software FX

£376.98 (Ex. VAT)

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Chart FX Developer Studio is a collection of development-only, non-expiring charting solutions for the .NET, COM and Java platforms. This package includes all of the current Chart FX product line and allows for a convenient and flexible way to develop applications for different environments.

There is no need to rewrite any code you've developed using Developer Studio once you're ready to deploy. Simply migrate to the full license and reuse your existing code.

Included Products:

  • Grid FX
  • Chart FX 7
  • Chart FX for .NET 6.2
  • Pocket Chart FX for .NET
  • Chart FX Gauges
  • Chart FX Extensions Pack - (Chart FX OLAP, Chart FX Financial, Chart FX Maps, Chart FX Statistical)

  • Chart FX Internet 6.2
  • Chart FX Client Server 6.2

  • Chart FX for Java 6.5 (Chart FX Maps, Chart FX Statistical, Chart FX Gauges)

Developer Studio may only be used by you for purposes of designing, developing, testing, evaluating your software products only on a local development server or system; such Software may not be used for production use or deployed or used for any other purposes. You shall not use the Software for any application deployment in a live or stand-by production environment, in each case, including, without limitation, in any environment accessed by application end-users through any means, including, but not limited to, servers, workstations, kiosks, and mobile computers.

If you, or your end users, desire to use the Software for any use other than the development use allowed under this Agreement, you must obtain the appropriate license.
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